An email has been delayed

Before a message is sent it will undergo several checks. The mail server will determine if the sender is authorized to send the message. The spam prevention software will determine if the message can be considered spam. The message will enter the server’s mail queue and will wait for it’s turn to be sent. Then, […]

I am getting “Rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying” error on my iPhone

The error is present when the Outgoing SMTP server email settings (hostname, username, and password) aren’t properly configured on your device. If you are a SiteGround customer, find your email settings in Site Tools > Email > Accounts > go to the kebab menu > Mail Configuration. Next, access your iPhone and navigate to: Settings > Mail. Go to Account > Outgoing Mail Server and select SMTP. Select your Primary Server. Fill […]

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it handles your outgoing mail. This protocol allows applications to transmit email messages over the Internet. Your email client connects to your mail server via SMTP and sends the messages. To prevent spam from being sent via our mail servers, we require SMTP authentication. This means that you have […]

What is IMAP?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is one of the two most popular protocols for receiving email messages from the Internet, the other one being POP3. The main benefit of the IMAP protocol is that you can access your emails on more than one device because the content of your inbox will be checked […]

How to Change your Email Account Password Tutorial

To change your email password, go to your Site Tools > Email > Accounts. You will be able to make this update even if you do not remember your current email password. Once in there, choose the email account and go to the kebab menu > Change Password. A new pop-up will be opened. Fill in the new password […]

Email Security Tutorial

he most important point in Email Security is protecting your email login details and messages. This is very important because of the security risks during data transmission, especially on mobile and wireless networks. For this purpose, it is recommended to use encryption when checking/sending emails. This can be accomplished by using: Secure IMAP (IMAPs) – It […]

Microsoft Outlook Tutorial

Automatically configure Outlook You can easily configure your email accounts in Microsoft Outlook. To get the mail settings, go to your Site Tools > Email > Account. Go to the kebab menu for the corresponding email account and click on Mail Configuration. Select the Autoconfigure tab and from the drop-down menu, choose the correct version for your Outlook: Now, to add an email […]

How to configure your email to work with Mac Mail

This tutorial explains how to configure your Email account with SiteGround to work on your Mac Mail application. Configure Mac Mail automatically You can easily configure your email accounts in Mac Mail. To check the settings, go to Site Tools > Email > Accounts: Choose the preferred email account and go to the kebab menu > Mail Configuration: Select […]

Email Protocols – POP3, SMTP and IMAP Tutorial

This tutorial explains the most commonly used Email protocols on the internet – POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. Each one of them has a specific function and way of work. Read on to see which configuration will best serve your particular email needs. What is POP3 and which are the default POP3 ports Post Office Protocol […]